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Big News: Altoviso Releases Backdraft v2.x

We have released a new version of Backdraft--a JavaScript library for building browser-hosted user interfaces. This library is the result of several years of private evolution in commercial projects.


ALTOVISO releases open source software under the Backdraft mark. First described in the book Mastering Dojo (2008), Backdraft 1.x was a prototype/reference framework for the browser-compute design model. The original framework included many features and capabilities that were novel at the time but are now considered state-of-the-art (for example, declarative composition).

Some of the v1.x Backdraft machinery was moved to the Dojo library and is in wide use to this day. The Dojo 1.x loader and builder were both taken from Backdraft and most of the code in those components is still the original Backdraft code. The Dojo v2.x loader started life as a space-optimized edition of bd-load.

We've developed a new version of bd-load that represents a state-of-the-art AMD loader which blows the doors off competing offerings. We've also recently updated bd-smoke (a test harness) and bd-promise (JS6 promises with extra features).

Other Backdraft machinery was further developed in several private, often client-driven projects. The private 1.x code has diverged from the original code to such an extent that most of the original code is obsolete; we keep an archive of the 1.x code and a rollup for historical purposes.

Recently, we were encouraged by some of our colleagues to release all the advances we've made to Backdraft over the years. The result is Backdraft v2.x.

All projects listed below are authored by ALTOVISO consultants and available under a BSD-style license.

Backdraft: a JavaScript library for building browser-hosted user interfaces.

bd-load: simply the fastest and smallest AMD loader ever built.

bd-smoke is a simple, powerful javascript test framework for node.js and the browser with no dependencies.