We Build Applications and Solve Programming Problems

ALTOVISO is a boutique consultancy that builds custom applications and solves programming problems. Our principal consultants bring decades of software engineering experience, including building critical applications for the fortune 100. We also have extensive general management experience, in both civilian and military environments. We take care to understand both technology and business requirements and deliver results that employ a judicious mix of modern technologies, computer science principles, and original invention that only maturity and experience can bring. Our specialities include...



Get The Book

Rawld Gill, an ALTOVISO principal consultant, coauthored bookpicture the first book on Dojo. This is still the only book that includes an in-depth description of several of Dojo's powerful subsystems (for example, the loader and build system). Buy it from Amazon here.


Free and Open Source Software

One of the best ways to see what we can do is to look at what we're doing for everybody.

A Javascript framework for building browser-hosted GUIs 100% within the browser--no plugin, no server-side programming--with all the awesomeness of a native app, but without all the pain.

a CommonJS AMD-compliant, script-injection Javascript module loader that's very small (about 3.5K), yet includes has.js integration, rich-debugging features, and other unique capabilities.

a program to compile a web app into an optimized set of resources for fast loading; includes module bundling, Dojo pragma processing, has.js folding, generalized replacements, and other important features.

a Javascript library that compiles Javascript into an abstract syntax tree of Javascript objects.