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ALTOVISO releases open source software under the backdraft mark. First described in the book Mastering Dojo (2008), backdraft is a prototype/reference framework for the browser-compute design model. The original framework included many features and capabilities that were novel at the time.

Some of the Backdraft machinery was moved to the Dojo library and is in wide use to this day. The Dojo 1.x loader and builder were both taken from Backdraft and most of the code in those components is still the original backdraft code. The Dojo v2.x loader started life as a space-optimized edition of bd-load.

We're actively developing a new version of bd-load that represents a state-of-the-art AMD loader which blows the doors off competing offerings. We've also recently updated bd-defClass and bd-smoke.

Other backdraft machinery was further developed in several private, often client-driven projects. At this point, the private code has diverged from the original code to such an extent that most of the original code is obsolete. That said, we've kept the original code available for historical value. It is interesting to see the ideas that were new and novel almost 10 years ago are now mainstream.

All projects listed below are authored by ALTOVISO consultants and available under a BSD-style license.

bd-load: simply the fastest and smallest AMD loader ever built.

bd-defClass implements class definition machinery that allows deriving from multiple superclasses and employs efficient prototype chains in doing so.

bd-smoke is a simple, powerful javascript test framework for node.js and the browser with no dependencies.

Legacy Projects

The projects below served as prototypes for other work many years ago. Most of this legacy work found its way into large public libraries like Dojo or our own private client work. These projects are out of date and not maintained. However, they still have historical value, so we keep the code around on GitHub and the documents on our the articles page.

backdraft fundamentally changes the mental model of browser programming by lifting the programmer out of the HTML/DOM tar pit into a modern and rich programming environment. HTML is abstracted away and replaced with a hierarchy of intelligent programming components—no more markup, no more JavaScript snippets sprinkled throughout a static document.

backdraft on Github

bd-build is a program to compile a web app into an optimized set of resources for fast loading. It has been adopted into the Dojo project and includes several novel features not found in other build/optimizer programs including AMD module bundling, Dojo pragma processing, has.js folding, generalized replacements, CSS compacting, and other important features.

bd-build in Dojo on Github

The original bd-build on Github

Docs (written by ALTOVISO).